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Criminal Defense Investigations


Our agency specializes in Criminal Defense Investigations.  It is vital that you hire an investigative agency which "leaves no stone unturned". We provide knowledge, experience, and expertise. Our lead investigator holds a board certification by the Criminal Defense Training Council, a nationally recognized credential that is extremely comprehensive in this specialized field of investigation. Should you or your loved one suffer the threat of losing your liberty or life, it is imperative that you hire investigative agents that are tenacious fact finders, have extensive interviewing skills, and an in-depth knowledge of evidence procedures, experience in courtroom testimony, and analytical skills.  We also utilize a proven methodology to gather objective findings for the success of your case. 



Domestic Investigations

Our agency performs "Need to Know Surveillances"; observing the daily activities of family members, spouses, potential spouses and long term partners, upon request. All investigations are performed in an ethical and legal manner.  We perform each investigation thoroughly and diligently. Our approach for a successful investigation starts with research and preparation;  a database search with  additional techniques of fact finding, including verification and or certification of supportive or required documents as a result of court research and record retrieval. All findings should be verified for legal and ethical purposes toward detailing the subject's background.  Our aggressive productive methods and techniques typically lead to otherwise undiscoverable intel. The importance of an in-person court records search can not be overly emphasized  due to human error ,  limited  and or the absence of online presence in certain jurisdictions. Surveillance would provide  details on the subjects lifestyles, behavior, living conditions, infidelity, and the people they associate. The objective findings can be documented with video or photography evidence and a written report. Through these methods our agency has provided clients  with peace of mind and evidence that conclusively favored the outcome of their cases.

Child Custody

  A typical child custody Investigation is to observe the guardian or parent against allegations for the well-being of and the child. The cases are usually  part of a  separation, or divorce or custody case. The investigative report is objective in the assessment of the treatment of a child by his or her parents or guardian. The conclusion of the report will prove or disprove allegations. If the results are problematic, our investigators will not only turn in evidence but also testify in court. Based on the reported findings, the court will decide the custody of the child.  There are a five types of custody that the parents could receive : 1) Joint Physical Custody which means the child splits their time and lives with both parents. ;  2) Joint Legal Custody, which means both parents have a voice in decisions surrounding the child, in the event of a major dispute, the issue will be settled by the court.;  3) Physical Custody  determines with which parentage child lives; 4) Legal Custody determines the individual parent who has the ability to make legal decisions  regarding the child; 5) Sole Custody determines that one parent has both physical and legal custody  of the child.   The other parent may have visitation rights but cannot make decisions involving the child.

Missing Person/Locate Investigations
Our agents specialize in locating missing heirs, and  lost loved ones, debtors for money.
We also locate witnesses, deadbeat dads with our database system.  

Our agency provides various surveillance investigations :Worker's Compensation, Missing Persons, Cheating Spouses, Stalkers, Insurance Investigations for the purpose to obtain objective findings for your peace of mind and or court evidence. We provided the state of the art GPS devices in order to deter the subject from a heightened awareness. It is imperative to utilize the best methods in order to maintain a visual on the subject. Surveillance can provided conclusive indisputable evidence.  Our agents have over 30 years of surveillance experience and have mastered this art.

Tenant Screening
Our agency can provide diligent checks for property owners for the purpose of weeding out distrustful tenants, aiding in you successfully finding  the right tenant to secure your investment.

Attorney Support Services
Our agency provides evidence gathering, Forensic Investigations, Evidence Analysis, Preparation of Witness Statements, Reports, Criminal Defense Investigations, and Service of Process.
Photography : Our investigators may obtain pictures for scene documentation on accident scenes, personal injuries, crime scenes, medical conditions, property damage, roadways, and more.              
GPS Tacking 
We use Global Positioning System (GPS) Satellite Technology and the Latest Mapping Software to Track Clients Vehicles Covertly, Providing a Detailed Analysis of Vehicle Movements Without the Driver’s Knowledge.  This gathers Useful Evidence on Cheating Spouses and Mates.
Surveillance, Pre-trail Preparation, Background Screening, Process Service and Investigative rates.
This is a both a complex and dangerous world, as we hear daily on the news. Each case has to be handled individually regarding rates, fees and quotes, depending upon the type of investigation and your budget.  Our agency offers common rate factors in determining the amount of retainer and deposit.  Further specifics of your case can be detailed in our contract and separate Investigative Request Form located on our Form page.
Our rates range from $55.00 per hour to 95.00 per hour with a 4-hour minimum per day plus .69 per mile and expenses. We typically provide photos and or video and DVD depending on your preference. Surveillance rates for the first agent is $95.00 per hour, with additional agents at  $75.00 per hour.  A payment plan may be excepted depending upon our agreement.
A minimum retainer of $680.00 per day  8-hour day is required and must be in our office prior to the investigation along with a completed Contract and Investigative Request Form.  If there are consecutive days the retainer will multiplied per day.  
at he end of the investigation, we will provide a report. 







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