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 We're on the case. 
 Private Investigators  
  in the the greater Atlanta area

Infidelity Investigations, Cheaters

[ Domestic Affairs ]


Infidelity, Alimony, Child Custody 

Missing Persons

[ Missing Persons ]


Lost Loved Ones, Witnesses, Dead Beat Dads, and other persons

Criminal Defense Investigations

[ Criminal Defense Investigations ]


Board Certified Criminal 

Defense Investigator

Background Checks

[ Background Checks ]


Pre-Employment, Pre-Marital, Pre-Dating, Business Relations, Tenants

Surveillance Camera

[ Surveillance ]


Infidelity, Civil , Insurance, Fraud,  Theft and more

FYI Research and Investigations provided the most reliable and efficient services for my Family Law and Civil casework for my former law firm. I would recommend this agency to anyone.  

Judge D. Scott Daniels

My Law Firm has relied on this agency for several years, and found  the lead investigator to be tenacious and knowledgeable. I highly recommend FYI for criminal Defense investigations. Her techniques have resulted in her obtaining exculpatory evidence over looked by law enforcement. She has also uncovered irregularities in one of the juvenile probation units leading to reform.

Juliet Gee ~ Attorney at Law

Our Private Investigations team is the best in the greater Atlanta area, providing exceptional surveillance, criminal defense and infidelity investigation services. Our experienced investigators use the latest technology and methods to uncover the facts and get to the bottom of any case. We strive to provide our clients with the highest quality of service and results.


IMPORTANT Disclaimer: Public records and commercially available data sources primarily are not free from defect due to human error and we strongly recommend verification. Certified copies may be obtained from courts, government departments, and state agencies. 

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